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Globalization’s Angst and the “Brexit” Vote 

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A version of this post also appeared as a featured article at  YaleGlobal
on June 28, 2016.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Rutgers University.

The purpose of  this site is to explain international business and economics trends in an unbiased manner—and in more thoughtful ways—than seen in the business press, while remaining accessible to any educated person. In simple language, this site will dig deep, occasionally question conventional wisdom, and provoke thought in a fresh, even-handed manner that encourages discussion. For example:

  • We read the assertion that the Chinese yuan (RMB) is “undervalued.” But what does “undervalued” mean, and compared with what?
  • We read that a frighteningly high amount of US Treasury debt is held by foreigners. Should we be worried about that?
  • We read that multinational corporations massively avoid taxes, to the tune of trillions, over the decades. But if governments offer them loopholes, is it their duty toward shareholders to take advantage of legal loopholes?
  • Will the dollar retain its pre-eminent position?
  • Will China succeed in transitioning away from low-end manufacturing and assembly into higher-value portions of the “value chain,” such as R&D or global brand development?

This site will comment on possible future trends regarding these and other timely issues.

The informed manager can also learn from past events, and this site will occasionally look at episodes in the history of globalization, from the “silk road” trade between Rome and Asia to the balance-of-payments crisis that led to the Opium Wars in the 1840s.

GlobalBusiness.me is for the thoughtful global manager, students of international business, and policy makers. All are invited to leave supportive comments, disagree, or (gently) remonstrate.

Farok J. Contractor
Distinguished Professor, Management & Global Business
Rutgers University Business School

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